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Rentals and Leases


Not quite ready to purchase just yet? That’s OK.  My team and I can get you into a lease until you are ready.  There are many reasons people may choose to lease instead of purchasing right away.  Personally, when I made the move to Houston I wanted to learn the area and take my time deciding where to live.

The Houston metro area is huge and can be very overwhelming for someone new to the area.  Each suburb is very different from the others.  When considering a move to Houston, think about the lifestyle you want to live.  Do you have to be in the middle of the city?  Do you want to walk to restaurants and stores?  Is high rise living for you?  Or is the convenience of the suburbs more appealing; where everything you need is within a five minute drive?

Regardless of your reasons for leasing, you will need the following to get started:

  • Last 4 check stubs or a letter from your new employer stating how much and how often you will get paid
  • Driver’s License for everyone over 18
  • SS Card for everyone over 18 (for background checks)
  • Completed rental applications for each person over 18 who will be living in the home
  • 1st months rent (in the form of payment preferred by the landlord)
  • Security Deposit (in the form of payment preferred by the landlord)
  • Pet Deposit (if applicable)

Want to know how much you can afford to lease?  A general rule of thumb is that you must make 3x’s the monthly rental amount.

I would be happy to assist with any other questions you may have about leases.  Click below to contact me today!